Become a Sponsor

Become a Sponsor

There is nothing like summer when you are a kid; and there’s no place like Sunrise Day Camp.

Sponsors of Sunrise Day Camp and SunriseWALKS understand their sponsorship makes a real difference to children with cancer and their families. Whether you are a corporation, foundation or individual donor, we are grateful you choose to help support us in our mission as we care for those in need throughout the community.

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Sunrise Day Camp-Chicago Underwriters

hektman family foundation

“Nothing is as impactful as having the opportunity to so greatly impact the lives of others — Sunrise Day Camp-Chicago instills a lifetime commitment to caring for those who are struggling with illness and will benefit greatly from a community of support.”

sunrise association

Corporations & Foundations

Community partnerships offer corporations and foundations an opportunity to share their goodwill and commitment to building a better world.





Individual Donors